How To Get The Right Size Trucks For Skateboards?


Choosing the right skateboard truck size can make a big difference in how your skateboard is set up. However, if you are new to skateboarding, it can be hard to understand the different skateboard truck sizes and measurements. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about buying new skateboard trucks, from how to measure them to how each brand is different, so that you can choose the right ones for your next set.

How to Pick the Right Truck Width for Your Deck.

Before you buy a new set of skateboard trucks, you need to know the width of the skateboard deck you will use them with. For the best truck size, you want the overall width of the truck to match the width of the deck. For example, a 7.75″ deck goes with a 5.0″ truck, and an 8.0″ deck goes with a 5.25″ truck.

Match the widths of the truck and the deck.
Part of the reason for this is how it works, and part of it is how it looks. When the trucks are the same width as the deck, the skateboard will be more stable when spinning tricks like Kickflips and Heelflips are done. This is because the skateboard’s center of gravity will be more in the middle. When grinding rails or ramp coping, it’s also easier to see where your wheels are under the board.

What do the sizes of the truck mean?

The ‘hanger’ width is the most common way to measure a truck. What is a skateboard truck’s hanger? The axle is held in place by the hanger (Fig. 1), which comes in different 1/4″ widths, such as 5.0″, 5.25″, etc. The trucks you buy will actually be wider than the size listed because the axle isn’t included.

The width of the axle will be bigger than the width of the hanger. The exposed axle will usually be about 1.375″ or 35mm on each side, or 2.75″ or 70mm all together (Fig 2.). Now that you know this, you can see that a 5.0″ truck actually has a width of 7.75″ (including the axle), making it the perfect width for a 7.75″ deck.

Truck Brands and Their Differences

There are many brands of trucks on the market, and to make things even more confusing, each brand has its own way of naming the different sizes. In general, every truck brand will make 1/4-inch-scale trucks, which usually start at 5.0″ and get bigger by 1/4″ each time (i.e: 5.0″, 5.25″, 5.5″…). Both Independent and Thunder use the metric system to name the size of their trucks. For example, “129” is the hanger width in millimeters. 129 A 5.0″ hanger truck is the same size as an independent truck.
But here’s the thing: they won’t be exactly 129mm, and Thunder is even more confusing because their 5.0″ truck is called “145,” even though it doesn’t measure 145mm. Independent and Thunder didn’t make a truck for the 8.25″ deck for a long time. Instead, you had to go up or down a size, which wasn’t ideal. But since the 8.25″ deck size is still very popular, they both came out with new trucks in 2016 to fill the gap. Both the “144” from Independent and the “148” from Thunder have 8.25″ axles.

Venture, Royal, Krux, and Venom, among others, use the inch scale, which goes from 5 inches to 5.25 inches, 5.5 inches, or even more. But be careful. Royal makes a truck that says it is 5.5″, but the hanger is more like 5.8″, and the axle is 8.75″. Venture doesn’t make 5.5″ trucks right now, but they do make 5.8″ trucks with 8.75″ axles. The table below shows how we changed them.
When it comes down to it, the size naming system isn’t that important because every truck is roughly 1/4″ scale. All you need to know is what size deck you have, and the table below will help you figure out what size truck you need.
Then it’s up to you to try out the trucks and figure out which ones give you the best ride. To make it easier for you to choose the right size truck, we have put them into groups based on the size of their decks. Just use the “Your Deck Size” filter on the Truck category page to find the right group.


The most important part of a skateboard is its trucks. It lets a skateboard go on roads or in parks. To avoid a lot of problems, it’s very important to have a good set of skateboard trucks. You should choose the truck size that fits the size of the deck on your board. It shouldn’t go too high or too low for your deck. You can use the width of the hanger or the width of the axle to measure the trucks.

Choosing the right height for a street skateboard has its own benefits, so a skateboarder should be smart about it. Because the streets are very different from skate parks, the experience will be different. The heights of your wheels are also affected by how tall your trucks are. Make sure that you have the right trucks and the right size wheels.

Trucks that are lower should never have bigger wheels, because that will cause wheel bites. Also, high trucks will make you less stable and let you do Ollies with more freedom. The size of a high truck is perfect for tall people and experienced riders.